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    Quality Assurance

    We created Positioning Solutions with you in mind and we are proud to offer the highest quality pre-owned Trimble land survey and construction machine control equipment!

    We buy a lot of used Trimble equipment every month.  With every purchase, we ask ourselves, “As a customer, what would I expect when buying a high-quality pre-owned Trimble GPS receiver, total station or data collector?”

    Every month we sift through a large amount of used surveying equipment and hand-select only those of the highest quality. We go the extra mile to cross-reference every serial number to ensure thieves don’t profit from their bad decisions. If a Trimble product is stolen or damaged, you won’t find it on our site.

    All used products on our site include a worry free 90-day hardware warranty.  We also offer 12 month Trimble protection Plans (TPP) on qualifying equipment.

    Every instrument is professionally serviced and calibrated by factory trained and authorized technicians using Trimble's ATLAS system. Any issue will be diagnosed during our thorough inspection and If any item doesn’t meet our standards, we wont sell it on our site.  

    We rate the appearance of used equipment with a simple A, B, C condition. Anything below a C is not listed on our website.  Our condition rating is a description of the exterior appearance of the instrument. 

    Looks brand new. Typically includes all original parts/accessories and may be in original packaging.

    Excellent: May have minor cosmetic blemishes or scuffs on plastic panels / housing with very little signs of field use. 

    Very good: Minor to moderate signs of field use including cosmetic blemishes on painted surfaces, plastic panels and housing. Displays and glass are free from any imperfections. Most of the equipment on our website is in B condition.

    Fair: Cosmetic wear is more significant on plastic panels and instrument frames including moderate paint chipping, scuffs, blemishes and faded paint or plastic panels. Displays and glass may have minor imperfections as noted in the listing. Any signs of use do not impact performance.

    CONDITION "Ugly":
    Lets face it, Trimble equipment is intended to be used in harsh environments, so signs of field use should be expected. To correct cosmetic issues can often dramatically increase the price of an instrument (but do not affect performance in any way) - so we occasionally offer "ugly" GPS receivers, data collectors, instruments and machine control products through our eBay store >>.  Ugly units have passed all inspections and meet all factory performance specifications, but have more severe cosmetic issues - like paint chipping, dings, scratches and faded paint / plastic panels.  By offering products in "ugly" condition, you can save as much as $2,000 on a GPS receiver and $3,000 on a total station. The products go through the same inspection and servicing as our standard products and include a minimum 90-day warranty.

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    When listing pre-owned equipment we photograph significant imperfections so we accurately represent its condition. In some cases we have several units of the same model and list photos that best represent them all.  We are always happy to provide exact photos of the item you will receive - just give us a call or reach out to us through our Contact form. 

    We take extra care when packaging and shipping our products so they arrive in the condition that you expect.  In many cases we use the same heavy-duty Trimble shipping boxes to ensure proper protection during its trip to you.

    When you receive your order we hope that your expectations are exceeded. If you receive your item and find that it does not reach your expectations, please reach out to us as quickly as possible. In the event that your item is defective upon arrival or within the warranty period, we will do our best to quickly replace (depending on availability), repair or refund.

    Call us or visit our Customer Service >> page for full details.