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    Trimble R9s Scalable GNSS Receiver for RTK & VRS Base Stations

    Trimble R9s multi use GNSS base station

    The Trimble R9s is an advanced GNSS receiver with multiple uses in precise positioning and monitoring applications.  While the R9s is most commonly utilized as a Virtual Reference Station (VRS), it can easily be set up as a local base station providing Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections to survey, mapping and construction machine control systems.  The R9s is also an excellent choice for monitoring applications where remote access and extensive data logging is required.

    Trimble R9s GNSS Advanced Features:

    As a local base station, the R9s supports in-field configurations through any controller running Access or Siteworks software, making it versatile and user-friendly.  Additionally, the R9s can be configured without a controller by using the user-friendly built in display.

    The R9s is IP67 rated for dust and moisture and meets MIL-STD-810F standards for shock, vibration, humidity and temperature, so it will keep running in harsh environments. The internal battery offers up to 15 hours hours of operation and crucial backup power when used within a VRS network or monitoring solution.

    Similar to the Trimble SPS855 and R750, the Trimble R9s is what Trimble refers to as "scalable", which simply means that you only pay for the options that you need.  Tracking options for the R9s include: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and L5 "Triple frequency".

    Replacing the old NetR9, the new "S" model is the latest iteration which provides additional features over it's predecessor, including the latest ProPoint™ technology, 440 vs 220 channels, an internal wideband UHF radio, and the option to use it as a centimeter accuracy rover utilizing Trimble's CenterPoint RTX service. 

    Trimble R9s RTK Radio Options:

    The R9s offers an optional low-power 2 watt internal wideband UHF radio (403-473 MHz). This is a hardware variant and must be ordered in this configuration.  The internal radio option cannot be installed or upgraded aftermarket.

    If the internal radio option is not available, or if you need to transmit longer distances, you can easily connect a high-power external radio like the Trimble TDL450 / TDL450b via the integrated 7 socket Lemo port (Trimble standard).  As an alternative to the Lemo port, a standard RS232 (DB9) serial cable can be connected via a 26 soc / DB9 "dog-bone" adapter PN: 57168.  As a bonus, the R9s is able to transmit RTK corrections simultaneously through the Lemo and serial port. This is beneficial when providing corrections to both 450 MHz and 900 MHz systems is required.

    For 900 MHz corrections (preferred by most civil construction contractors and machine control applications) the R9s can be paired with the Trimble TDL510 dual-band radio via the 26 soc / DB9  "dog-bone" adapter PN: 57168.

    For VRS or monitoring applications you'll want to grab the 26 soc / Ethernet / USB (B) adapter PN: 57167.  This is the same adapter - with USB B - that you'll need to connect the R9 to Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) or download stored observation files. 

    R9s Modular Design 

    Trimble R9s GNSS base station package

    The Trimble R9s, SPS855 and R750 are all modular receivers which require an external GNSS antenna like the Zephyr or Zephyr Geodetic.  The modular design allows the external GNSS antenna (Zephyr / Zephyr Geodetic) to be mounted on a tripod, rooftop or tall structure with an open view of the sky, while the R9s can be stored in a safe place like an office, closet or server rack, keeping the R9 protected from extreme weather conditions and theft.

    For installations where the Zephry GNSS antenna will be mounted more than 50 feet away from the R9s, it's recommended to upgrade your coax cable to LMR-200 or better (same goes for the radio antenna cable).  LMR-200 is a more robust cable that offers lower signal loss and less electromagnetic interference.  Longer cable lengths are achievable with LMR-400, which offers the lowest signal loss, but lengths over 100 feet require inline signal amplifiers regardless of the type of cable used.

    So whether you're building a complex VRS network or simply desire additional security for your local base station, the Trimble R9s' powerful features, easy to use interface and modular design make for an ideal receiver for supporting a wide range of high-accuracy positioning applications.

    Product information:

    Trimble R9s Datasheet >>

    User guides and Release notes (firmware) available on Trimble's R9s support page >>

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